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“It has been a magnificent experience, different than everything else I’ve tried before, the feeling I got was very different and energizing. I suppose I’d have to continue to do sessions to really heal the chronic pain in my back, but with just these few I do feel much better and in less pain. I am in Chicago only for a few more days before returning to Greece and this chronic pain will need more work to heal. Nevertheless the feel was positive and I got relief. I would really like to have more sessions.”

-Nikolaos Apostolakis,
Professor, Athens, Greece

-Katarina S.,
Shiatsu Practitioner,
Evanston, IL

“We talked. Cindy is great! She is very knowledgeable and has a very unique style, I love how she has made Shiatsu her own and is continually developing her own technique style. Im looking forward to the next time.”

“Cindy knew exactly what I needed and helped me tremendously!”

-Janice G.,
Hyde Park, IL

-Mary Ellen P.,
Hyde Park, IL

“She is just SOgood. Listens-really listens! Gave me a Great session and takeaways.”

“Cindy was excellent! She was gentle but had good sense of touch and pressure. She was attentive to my comfort and her overall energy was positive and healing. She was cautious in the beginning due to my chronic pain but she learned my body quickly her skill brought quick relief. Thanks.”

-Avia B.,
Analyst, Evanston, IL

-Tatiana A.,
Hyde Park, IL

“My experience with Cindy has been wonderful. I came in complaining of neck and shoulder pain related to stress, and with Cindy’s help, I have been able to better manage and control my stress levels. Her acupressure massages are something I look forward to every other week. Her expertise with the human body shines through, as she knows where to alleviate pain and tension in my muscles and is able to help with muscle relaxation. I also look forward to talking with Cindy about how to better manage stress and what sort of exercises to work on for pain relief. I believe her to be extremely pleasant, well-informed, and generally a very
gracious person to work with. I would recommend her to anyone seeking pain relief, stress management, or just a wonderful acupressure massage.”

“Cindy is professional, present, compassionate and very skillful with her clients.”

-Terry W.
Author, LMT, and NCBTMB CE instructor, Evanston, IL

-Linda B.,
Skokie, IL

“Cindy was excellent from start to finish. She asked pertinent questions and investigated my history and did a through planning before we started. She addressed all the areas we discussed, and communicated well throughout. I felt completely energized and focused (and taller and longer!) by the end of the session. Cindy made me feel and left me with great exercises to keep the energy going at home and address problem areas related to computer work and general stress.

“I have been seeing Cindy for chronic problems in my hips associated with over-training and a car accident. Cindy’s ability to connect with the body and organs has opened the way to productive massage, pain management and awareness of how my body as a system works. Recently I took my daughter who is a high school athlete to see Cindy for sports-related injuries. After just one session, my daughter’s hips were opened and she was able to play with much less discomfort. My daughter was completely blown away with Cindy’s ability to ‘read’ her body. I highly recommend Cindy. She cares about her craft.”

-Tim B.,
Hyde Park, IL

-Tamika B.,
Hyde Park IL

“Cindy is simply amazing! She’s a truly gifted and wonderful individual. I have no doubt that she was brought into my life to help facilitate my healing process.
The care, compassion, and wisdom she possesses makes every session with her healing to not only my body, but my mind and soul. I’m so blessed to have
found her.”