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What is Chakra Balancing

What is Chakra Balancing

What are Chakras and how do they balance? Chakras are energy centers in the human body; each corresponds to different glands and governs specific parts of the physical body and areas of the psyche. Chakras are located deep within the center of the physical body next to a hormonal gland along the spinal column. Chakras draw in the divine life-force energy from the universe and distribute this vital energy to the physical glands and organs throughout the body and bloodstream specific to obtaining optimum health and wellbeing. Chakras are considered to be interrelated and affect one another, therefore achieving optimum balance of these Chakras provides a state of total wellbeing emotionally and physically. Often Chakras are thought to be influenced by negative thoughts that also negatively affect the chakras’ ability to function correctly leading them to become dirty, shrunken, or swollen.
When our chakras are balanced, maximum vitality and health is experienced. Physical or emotional trauma will affect the corresponding chakra. Balancing can be accomplished in a number of ways, for example, through the healing arts, guided meditation, or the use of energy manipulation in the auric fields. Other useful techniques thought to balance Chakras and create the state of wellbeing are Chakra Balancing

What are Chakras?

Chakras are the metaphysical energy centers of our bodies that regulate and process the flow of our life force energy not only within our bodies but also around us. Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “disk” and both are symbolized by a different rotating lotus flower. There are hundreds of Chakras in the traditional Hindu system however we only use in treatment the 7 main Chakras of the whole system. Listed below is a brief description of those 7 main Chakras, their main attributes, locations within the human body along with other details, i.e. their element, their associated color, and areas of the body they govern.

The 7 Chakras

7th Chakra – SAHASRARA
Meaning ~ ‘thousand petelled lotus’ Commonly known as The Crown Centre
Location ~ At the Crown of the Head
Color ~ Violet
Element ~Consciousness
Governs ~ The Pineal Gland
Traditional Development ~ Ages 42 – 49 years
6th Chakra – AJNA
Meaning ~ ‘command’ commonly known as The Third Eye
Location ~ On the Forehead between the Eye Brows
Color ~ Indigo
Element ~Light
Governs ~ The Pituitary Gland
Traditional Development ~ Ages 35 – 42 years
5th Chakra – VISHUDDHA
Meaning ~ ‘purest of the pure’ Commonly known as The Throat Centre
Location ~ At the Throat
Color ~ Sky Blue
Element ~Ether or Space
Governs ~ The Vocal Chords, Thyroid and Voice
Traditional Development ~ Ages 28 – 35 years
4th Chakra – ANAHATA
Meaning ~ ‘that which is ever new’ commonly known as The Heart Centre
Location ~ At the center of the Chest.
Color ~ Emerald Green
Element ~Air
Governs ~ The physical Heart, Lungs and Thymus
Traditional Development ~ Ages 21 – 28 years
3rd Chakra – MANIPURA
Meaning ~ ‘dwelling place of jewels’ commonly known as The Power Centre
Location ~ At the solar Plexus.
Color ~ Yellow
Element ~ Fire
Governs ~ The Spleen, Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Pancreas
Traditional Development ~ Ages 14 – 21 years
Meaning ~ ‘your own dwelling place’ Commonly known as the Sexual Centre
Location ~ Between the Genitals and Naval.
Color ~ Orange
Element ~ Water
Governs ~ The Genitals, Reproductive Organs, Bladder and Prostate.
Traditional Development ~ Ages 7 – 14 years
1st Chakra – MULADHARA
Meaning ~ ‘root of our support’ commonly known as the Base Centre.
Location ~Perineum, Base of Spine.
Color ~ Red
Element ~ Erth
Governs ~ The Kidneys, Adrenals, Pelvis, Hips, Knees, Lower Back, Sciatic Nerve and Bowel Movement
Traditional Development ~ Ages 0 – 7 years